We are a leading group in the automotive sector, specialising in Chassis and Powertrain, responding to the market as a provider of complete solutions, providing maximum added value in each of our product lines.

We belong to MONDRAGON Corporation, the world's largest cooperative group. Integrated in its automotive division, we operate as a cooperative whose raison d'etre is the generation of employment.

Our service orientation has guided our international presence, converting us into a global provider for major market regions, with production plants in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Brazil and China and partnerships in USA and Korea.


Sales:2012 - €681 million
2013 - €662 million (*)

Personnel:2012 - 3.573
2013 - 3.625 (*)

Investment:2012 - €42 million
2013 - €42 million (*)

(*) Estimated

Fagor Ederlan Group