Fagor Ederlan and Lotus Engineering presented the initial prototype of the jointly developed Lotus Range Extender eco-engine at the latest edition of the International Motor Show in Geneva, held from 3rd to 10th March.


The Lotus Ranger Extender, which integrates a combustion engine and an electric generator, has been specifically designed for extended range electric vehicle applications. It is extremely compact, lightweight and competitive. Its major contribution is that it enables the batteries of any electric vehicle fitted with the Range Extender to be charged whilst in operation, and thereby extend its range.


This is a new environmentally-friendly engine for the cars of the future, which will allow a significant reduction in the CO2 emissions of modern cars. As it has also been prepared for several types of fuel, it will enable the dependence on oil to be drastically reduced and facilitate the development of bio-fuels and renewable energies.


The initial concept engine, fitted to the Jaguar Limo Green research vehicle, has been redesigned by Lotus Engineering and Fagor Ederlan to optimise performance and develop the engine for series production. Fagor Automatión, another MONDRAGON co-operative is playing a significant role in this project, working on the generator and engine control.


So it is a consolidation of commitment made by Fagor Ederlan in the context of the Citycar/Sustainable mobility project to develop a new business based on the design, manufacture and marketing of eco-engines. Therefore the collaboration agreement between Fagor Ederlan and Lotus Engineering is now entering a new phase, the aim of which is to build a number of functional prototypes.


In this context, last February an institutional visit was made to the Lotus Engineering headquarters in the UK, by a delegation from the Basque Government and MONDRAGON managers, in order to look at the Lotus facilities, confirm the interest in the project and try out the initial vehicle prototype fitted with the Lotus Range Extender.


Technical features of the Lotus Range Extender

The Lotus Range Extender will be offered in two versions, the naturally aspirated 35 kW version, and the supercharged 50 kW variant, which was the one on show in the Evora 414 Evolution series hybrid model at the International Motor Show in Geneva.

The engine offers high efficiency and low mass, which will enable the downsizing of batteries, whilst maintaining vehicle efficiency and range. It also offers the market a quick solution as it is an option specially designed for series production. Specifically designed for series hybrid electric vehicles, the 1.3 litre, 3-cylinder engine enables a significant reduction in weight and mass in the vehicle: 58 kilos for the supercharged version and 51 kilos for the naturally aspirated version.


The engine is optimised to generate power at engine speeds between 1500 and 3500 rpm allowing a simple 2 valve per cylinder architecture compared to options with a complex 4-valve per cylinder design. Moreover, the integrated intake manifold is another design element that gives a significant reduction in weight and mass.


About Lotus


Lotus Group plc, based in Norfolk, UK has three divisions: Lotus Cars, Lotus Motorsport and Lotus Engineering.


Lotus Engineering is a leading, internationally recognised engineering firm in the automotive sector, based in Norfolk, UK. It is a global operation with facilities in Michigan (USA), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), China and offices in Germany and Japan, and is rapidly expanding into new areas like South-East Asia.


Lotus Engineering provides a flexible engineering service to leading car manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, offering integrated consultancy from the initial concept, through vehicle development and integration for the whole market and clients, to complete production.



About Fagor Ederlan


Fagor Ederlan Group is a leading automotive supplier focusing on Chassis and Powertrain, which offers the market integrated solutions in all product lines. The leading vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers are Fagor Ederlan clients, enabling the company to share, understand and meet the main challenges of the market, giving a customised response to the demands of each client and market region.


Its clear vocation for service has been behind the group’s international growth, turning Fagor Ederlan into a global supplier with more than 15 plants and production partnerships in the sector’s main regions like Europe, Mercosur, Asia and Nafta.


With more than 3,500 professionals, as a Mondragon co-operative its raison d’être and the driving force behind its activity is job creation.



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